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This show is about Hoppy and his friends, who could ask for more? Good friends and a Tv show! But when tragic things happen, he loses his friends, ether in war or moving, he loses his heart. But a great day happens, he find new friends! Big, Cletus, and his son who he thought was dead- Hunter.

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    New page: Sirens ecoed Hoppy's ears as he swam towards land. "Of corse i died." Hoppy's friend, Bill had said before he died . My poor friends! Screamed a...
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    New page: Cletus is a male horse.
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    New page: Big is a white female  rabbit with a bushy tail.
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    New page: "Help! I am drowning!" ― Hoppy to Big episode one, season one.[source] Hoppy is a grey deer with long ears and a white tail like a rabbits. 
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